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Indian Night Market

Our Indian Night Market will make you feel like you are walking the streets of India with the delicious aroma of Indian spices, attractive henna designs, and melodic Indian music. 


Event Date: Tuesday, 28th March 2023
Event Timings: 5 - 8 pm
Location: Masakali Indian Cuisine, Stittsville


Event Theme:
Enjoy an authentic Indian sensory cultural experience




Our programming will include --

Musicians with live Piano Music, a Live magic show, Henna Artists, children's activities, a photo booth, a chance to win prizes, a Spice market, an online and on-site silent auction and raffle game!

(Food not included in ticket price)

Attend the event,
find out something you love,

support Dave smith youth treatment centre!

About Musician:

A multi-talented person who has had a passion for music since he was ten years old. He is an engineer by trade, but he also holds a certificate from Trinity College in London and has mastered the western keyboard. He has played in a number of bands in Kerala and is well-known for fusing Chenda melam in an original way. Heinz is an accomplished keyboard player, but he also knows how to play the melodica and keytar, making him a multifaceted musician with a wide range of skills.

thumbnail_Chris Pilsworth and His Cactus.jpg

Our Magician

Chris Pilsworth

Meet Chris Pilsworth, a professional magician with more than 30 years of live and television performance experience. Chris has cultivated a distinctive, affable, and personable magic style that has gained him broad acclaim and respect. Chris performed as the headlining act at the renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, in 2017, and he served as a consultant for 17 weeks on a multi-million dollar magic TV show in China. According to Stephen Dubner, a New York Times Best Selling Author, he is "better than advertised: a terrific illusionist, certainly, but with a heart and brains that match it." He has garnered high accolades for his abilities.


Live Indian Music 

Highlight of
the evening


Henna Designs

Choose a Henna Hand Design from one of our artists. Mehndi, otherwise known as henna, is a paste associated with positive spirits and good luck. 

Image by Adi Goldstein

Chance to win Activity


Spice Market

India is known for its love of spices. Each spice has its own smell and importance in Indian Cuisine. We will have a variety of spices, with recipes attached, as part of our fundraising activities. When you purchase your spice you will also have a chance to win a prize.

Music transends us to a  happy place. Our musicians will treat you with tradional Indian  music to wipe away the stress of the day and bring a smile to your face. 

Live Indian Music 


Children craft stall


Include in the ticket. When you purchase your ticket indicate the number in your group to reserve your table.  

- This is a family event and there will be a children's craft stall with fun activities, and take-home art.  

Participants purchase tickets for a chance to win one or more prizes, adding an element of fun and anticipation to the occasion.

Note: only one winner will win half of the amount that we raise from raffle tickets

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